Bigger Is Not Always Better in PR


Being raised in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I often spent time in Center City, Philadelphia exploring what the city has to offer – it was not too big or daunting so I quickly became acclimated with the ins and outs. I attended a small high school as well as a small university, which both provided a sense of comfort for myself and an extremely hands-on approach.

Being comfortable working and living in a small environment translated perfectly into my first job here at The Cline Group, which has small offices but a global presence. Even though we are small in size we deliver remarkable results that distinguish our clients from their competitors across the board.

Responsibilities: My days consist of leading client calls, drafting press releases, guiding Assistant Account Executives and Account Coordinators and reviewing any necessary materials, a majority of which I would not be handling at a larger firm – or a lot of hand holding would be involved.I have become confident in my work and decisions because I do not and cannot rely on several levels authority to approve or disapprove. We have to work diligently and take on assignments that may seem above our expertise but we are human – so we learn and we make mistakes.  I now have the ability to directly build relationships with top tier reporters and foster work relationships with our clients overseas and all over the world.

Culture: It is not every day that you have the opportunity to sit down face-to-face with your company’s CEO to discuss what needs to be improved and why, or to simply hold a non-work related conversation.  In most medium or large companies this process of change takes a long time and requires approvals, forms, and mediated conversations. Working in a small firm I have the privilege of discussing how things can be improved about what the team wants, when we want.  It also allows me to build greater trust with employees at all levels. I never worry about having to leave for a doctor’s appointment or to run a quick errand.  Our management believes that we all will get our work done.

People:  Being selective in the interview process is how we succeed as a small firm. We do not just hire to fill a position based on a resume – we invest the time to learn about our applicants to make sure they are a great cultural fit for our team.  It is better to hire the correct person even if it takes time because we all work so closely together on a daily basis.  As a small team, we are able to learn one another’s strengths and weaknesses.

When you are looking to switch professions or join a new company I would recommend giving the smaller companies a look. There is great opportunity for upward growth, reward, and learning. I am thankful to have begun my marketing and PR experience in an entirely hands-on small firm. Your skills and ability will not get lost in a sea of politics or people.

Original Posted Date at November 24, 2014  Posted by Ariel Shore
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