It goes without saying that you want potential customers and clients to locate and access your website easily. However, to accomplish this, you must first make search engines aware of your presence. The collection of methodology known as search-engine marketing (SEM) has been used for decades by marketing experts to increase a website’s online presence in regular and/or paid search. SEM allows Google to recognize your online presence, subsequently ensuring that customers will have an easier time finding you. As our society continues to ingrain the idea of the Internet as a household tool for  researching products, finding information, and locating services, businesses overshadowed by the rest of the internet “clutter” will continue to lag behind the competition.

The Cline Group has years of experience in all aspects of SEM including:

  • SEO is the analysis and optimization of a website for the purposes of indexing and authoritative measurement within search engines. Google’s algorithm has an estimated 200 technical and on-page factors that play a role in how a website is ranked. Because of this fact, it is essential for your website to be optimized for them all. The SEO process includes a comprehensive audit of your proposed or existing site, competitor analysis, keyword research, on-page optimization, and content creation (when needed). A few weeks to a few months after the on-site optimization is complete, a website will usually see a boost in its rankings for its desired search terms. In addition, as SEM becomes increasingly integrated with other aspects of online marketing, our team will be able to advise your company on optimizing your website for social-media sharing and inbound-marketing. This advisement would include sales funnels, calls to action, and conversion optimizations.
  • Linkbuilding is another technique to help increase your website’s keyword rankings. Whenever a reputable website or social media outlet links back to you, Google sees a digital “vote” for your website. Websites with the most “votes” tend to rank more highly. However, in recent years, many of the common practices associated with linkbuilding have changed. Now, spamming comments in blogs, forums, and other directories will no longer work and instead negatively affect your rankings. In order for other website owners to have a reason to link to you, it has become essential for websites to combine the practices of content creation, social-media marketing, and traditional public relations.  More information on our linkbuilding services can be found below.
  • PPC advertising is an SEM technique to immediately drive relevant, quality traffic to your website through the placement of paid advertisements located above and to the right of regular Google search results. To help your advertisements achieve the best results, our team will research and target the most-affordable and conversion-friendly keywords most commonly used by your target audience. Concurrent, with the initial launch and perpetual maintenance of your PPC campaign, TCG will also design a quality landing page with an effective call to action. In addition, our team will continuously measure the results of these campaigns and optimize them accordingly. Conversion optimization – the testing of elements including different landing pages – can be used as well.

Our Process

1. The Cline Group performs an SEO and Marketing Audit of your existing or proposed website that analyzes numerous factors including the ability of the various search engines to index your site comprehensively, whether any aspects of the site’s design will impede Google from doing so, whether an online-metrics tracking system is in place for later marketing and sales analysis, and whether the site’s design and functionality is conducive to converting prospects into leads and sales.

2. TCG performs a Competitor Analysis of up to three websites of your choosing to gauge how they are engaging in SEO/SEM efforts, how successful they have been, and what your website can do to mimic their success (if relevant).

3. Our teams will work together to create a list of agreed-upon search terms that your audience uses to find your website. Our team will then use that list – along with a list of what terms are discovered in the Competitor Analysis – in our extensive research on those keywords that are determined to be the most suitable to target. Always making sure to keep you in the loop, TCG will then give the list to you for approval and further suggestions.

4. Our team prepares a keyword-targeting strategy that will propose recommendations on the overall hierarchy of the revised website, which sets of keywords will be targeted on which pages, and how each page will be changed for on-site optimization. As always, you approve the recommendations before TCG proceeds.

5. TCG works with your website developer (as needed) on the on-site optimization. Together, our respective teams will review the new website and make any additional changes that are needed.

6. If there are any unused keywords that should be targeted, TCG will provide future content recommendations to incorporate those search terms within additional website pages.

7. After the SEO is complete, our team will continue with the linkbuilding operations for as long as our partnership endures. This typically includes:

  • Researching and identifying the major websites, media outlets, and bloggers who would be most likely to link to you
  •  The regular creation of content, including: blog posts, infographics, white papers, podcasts, webinars, and videos
  •  Developing relationships with the identified influencers mentioned above, and nurturing those relationships to ensure that they will want to link to the content produced by your website and share it on social media

8. Along with general consulting, TCG will provide monthly updates on search-engine rankings as well as website traffic and conversions and/or sales (as relevant) from organic traffic.


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